I’m originally from the Bronx. I’ve lived in New York my entire life. I currently work as a concierge in lower east side Manhattan. For fun I like to play tabletop RPGs like dungeons & dragons or play video games. I’m very much into things like pro wrestling, anime, and film so I keep myself busy while I’m in the house

Roommate Perk

I am a great listener if my roommates ever feel the need to be heard. If they’re not as social as I tend to be then that’s okay too. I’m really good at giving everyone their space and not intruding on their time while they’re home.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is someone who is easy going and likes to joke a lot. There are no preferences beyond that. A dealbreaker would be someone who is inconsiderate about privacy or someone who insists on smoking cigarettes in the house a lot. Those are things that would bug me.

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