I’m originally from Apex, NC and moved to NYC when I was 18 to pursue acting. I lived in New York for about seven years until I had to return to North Carolina to help my family through some difficult times. Three. month’s later and I’d gotten pretty boring around here, so I’m ready to return to my life up north. I’m pretty fun loving and entertainment oriented. I say I hate meeting new people when in reality I thrive on social interaction so I’m an oxymoron as a person. I’m really quick to make friends and genuinely enjoy getting to know new people.

Roommate Perk

I’m a hardcore gamer so if anybody is feeling competitive I’m always down to break hearts in Mario Party or Smash Bros.

Ideal roommate

I’ve been through a few roommate horrors before, and have a huge respect for common areas and maintaining cleanliness. There’s a ton of pests in New York and I’d like to keep a space roach and mouse free by just picking up after ourselves.

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