I moved to NY from Coplay, PA where I lived all of my life until now. I currently work at the Shake Shack in West Village. I enjoy video games, anime, movies (horror), camping, and listening to music (fav Era, 80s). I do not have any pets but do not mind living with someone who does have pets. I love frogs. Halloween is my favorite holiday, next to Christmas. I am eccentric but very compassionate.

Roommate Perk

#roommateperk someone who likes to cook and knows how. Someone who wants to chill once in a while. Someone who is 420 friendly, loves animals, and someone who likes to stay up late, a night owl), and someone who has a sweet tooth like me.

Ideal roommate

Any gender whatsoever. Chill personality. Someone who is outgoing and not afraid of my quirky ways.

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