I’m a Star Trek fan. I enjoy Marvel movies even though I’m a DC fan, Marvel does their movies better. My favorite radio station is Z100 and 1010 wins. I’m a homebody and more of a introvert but I do go outside besides going to work. I’m a easy going guy unless I don’t something then I say something about it. I’m a believer in energy. Oh, when it comes to certain things used in the house, let’s discuss what’s being shared and what’s for self. I like to have balance with my roommates and for some reason, whatever the reason, if we don’t care for each other, let’s be civil at least.

Roommate Perk

I don’t really have a perk though I do prefer to at least keep the kitchen and bathroom clean. I don’t care about your room but the two most important rooms in the apartment has to be kept tidy. I’m not a clean freak but I’m not a slob either. Just help to keep it together.

Ideal roommate

Individuals who are cool and easy going, understanding, a sense of humor, if you like The Office, we might get along. If I get along with you, you’ll know it and see it. And if we don’t, then let’s respect each other. I will say that for the sake of our bedroom space and apartment, let’s agree that our responsibility always precedes over everything else, no matter what, unless, UNLESS a discussion is had that must be discussed. I’m okay with guests. I can’t stop you from bringing them over but please please please, no one crazy! If your other half stays the weekend, cool. A week; no problem but you take care of there needs and wants, but if your Significant is there for over a week and more then we need to talk because rent needs to get paid.

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