I’m originally from Providence, RI. I studied Government and English at Georgetown University. After graduating, I came to New York to teach math through TFA and obtained my master’s degree through them. I currently teach Algebra in Washington Heights.

I spend my free time doing some of the following:
– Gym
– Playing soccer
– Reading
– Hanging out with friends / going out

I don’t own any pets.

Roommate Perk
#Myroommateperk is that I like to clean up after myself, I don’t mind hanging out, and I am willing to listen and work things out.
Ideal roommate

I’d prefer someone who is clean. I am looking for someone who is okay with guests, friends hanging out once in a while, some music being played every now in then. I am also looking for someone who has a job, keeps busy during the week, and respects weekdays because I wake up really early. Essentially, I want to share the space with someone who is responsible but enjoys having fun as well.

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