I’m from NM, but I’ve been to New York a few times so I’m a bit familiar with it. I love to hike, cook, and visit cute coffee shops. I also love plants! I’m pretty quiet and chill, but I also love hanging out with new people and sightseeing. I like to keep things clean (I’m super scared of bugs so anything to keep roaches/ants/ect out is good with me!) and I like open communication.

Roommate Perk

I make great breakfast burritos and Mexican food in general! I also like to bake and share with roommies!

Ideal roommate

I feel most comfortable with female roommates who are also pretty chill, clean, and friendly. I prefer to be friends with my roommates, but I understand that busy schedules might just mean that we’re just roommates and that’s all. I’m cool with that too, but friendliness is always good!

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