I just graduated from Amherst College and moving to the city to start work in economic consulting! I ran track through college, and am hoping to continue to stay active post-grad through running/cycling/lifting. I love going out to eat, pancakes, hiking, going out with friends, and generally exploring the city.

Roommate Perk

My #roommateperk is that, while I’m still learning how to cook, I have my pancake recipe down. I will also always be willing to try out

Ideal roommate

I’m looking for a female roommate (non-smoker), ideally in a similar age range but not too picky. I’m going to be working pretty variable hours, so while I don’t need to be best friends with my roommate, I do want to to be able to establish open/clear communication with them about what both of us expect apartment-wise. Not a neat freak, and don’t expect my roommate to be one, just looking for someone who is clean/respectful in common spaces.

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