I am from Houston, Texas and went to college in Virginia at an HBCU. After graduation I got a great internship at Bloomberg and moved to NYC. I loved it so much that I decided to stay even after my internship was over. Since then I have been working at advertising agencies on the digital side and working with brands on their national media campaigns. It a very cool and interesting job where you can actually see your work live either on TV, social platforms, or websites.

I love going out and exploring NYC, especially if its new brunch spots or rooftop bars I’ve never been to before. A big perk of my job is that our partners take us out, so I am always finding new hidden gems to go to. I really believe in making the best of NYC since I live here now.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I am friendly and hospitable. I love making new friends with people and definitely not shy when it comes to talking with strangers rather that is with new roommates or if someone is entertaining with friends over. I am definitely not someone that would stop a party, I am more likely to join in.

I also do tend to get some free swag bags from my work events that I share with my roommates.

Ideal roommate

Since I am usually out I am very lax about my roommates. I don’t really have a gender or specific preferences. I ask they everyone is responsible and can pay their rent. If you get locked out or need help with something I can be there. If there is anything wrong or if something needs to be done I would rather my roommates talk to me or text and usually I will do it with no big deal. I don’t like sitting on issues until they blow up, I would rather have a quick conversation so we can handle potential problems in an amicable manner.

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