Hi! My name is Jay, and I am a PhD candidate in counseling psychology at the University of Iowa. I am moving to NYC to complete my required year-long clinical internship at the Bronx VA Medical Center starting September. While this is going to be a very busy year for me, I’m excited for the opportunity to have a unique experience of working and living in NYC, and I’d love to meet some cool roommates with whom I would share a space I can call home for the upcoming year. While I enjoy socializing with friends, I don’t typically invite friends over to my apt, and I almost never host any parties at home. I don’t mind if my roommates do host occasional dinner parties, but I think giving each other heads up and overall good communication definitely goes a long way. In full disclosure, I am married to my lovely partner who is also in this PhD journey with me, but she unfortunately got placed at a site in Southern California, so we are having to navigate long distance for the first time in our relationship. Because both of us will be so busy, I don’t anticipate that she will visit me often; however, she may visit me about 3 or 4 times tops throughout the year, and I can assure that none of them will exceed 2-3 days except for perhaps Christmas break which might be for about a week. If we have to negotiate for me to pay additional for utilities at any time, I’d be more than happy to have that discussion with my roommates. In my downtime, I like to work out, go to cute cafes, watch sports games or favorite shows, and spend time with friends. That’s all I can think of for now, but I’m more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Roommate Perk

I would love to declare a whole bunch of #roommateperks, but I’m not sure what to say! I would say that I generally like to keep my place pretty clean although I’m not OCD about things. Whatever we have to do as roommates to negotiate cleaning days, I’ll be a team player. Along those lines, I tend to be flexible in doing what I can to make things comfortable for people around me. If roommate(s) do more remote work or spend a lot of time inside the apartment, my work schedule will be more like full time (Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm) at the hospital, so they would mostly have the apt to themselves during daytime on weekdays. I’ve been told that one or two days of remote work per week is possible, but given the nature of my work, I don’t anticipate working remotely any more than one day per week.

Ideal roommate

Gender: I am fine with living with people of all genders.
Personality: I would say that I myself am generally easy going, so I would prefer that my roommates are also respectful and amenable.
Cleanliness: I like to keep my place nice and tidy for the most part, but I am also not crazy OCD about it. I think as long as the dishes are cleaned within a day and the food wastes are taken care of in a timely manner, it should be fine with me.
Deal breakers: In line with what I mentioned above, I cannot tolerate if the apt is infested with roaches or similar pests. If I had to have written agreements about something with my roommates, it would to make sure the kitchen and other areas are clean enough to prevent roaches from taking over the apt. As roommates and adults, I hope that everyone can be reasonably comfortable in communicating any issues or problems instead of taking a passive aggressive approach.

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