I moved to NYC a little less than a year ago from Salt Lake City, UT! I work in the contemporary art world for a private dealer in the Upper East Side. I love art, have been a painter all my life! I love cooking vegan dishes, trying new things and being outdoors. I practice yoga and ride my bike as much as possible! I have a pet bunny named Pomme (a blue eyed white Netherland dwarf/lionhead) and I enjoy playing the piano/listening to music.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is I am exceptionally clean, love to bake (cookies, banana bread, brownies) & I’m not a homebody.

Ideal roommate

Open to any gender, my ideal roommate is CLEAN, detests a dirty kitchen, doesn’t work from home and is considerate, honest, positive and easy to communicate with. I need to find someone who is easygoing and a hard worker. (A clean house takes elbow grease and lazy personalities just don’t understand this concept!)

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