I work in sales and I work ALOT in an international English school. I’m 27, from Boston originally, I am pretty laid back, responsible and respectful, i love to connect with people but very much enjoy my alone time as well especially during the week. I love wine nights, fooood, movies, painting, yoga, walks! Also very into travel and culture and language. I have one cat —she is timid, well behaved, and prefers to stay in my room.
I am hoping to find a long term living situation if possible but mostly just looking for clean and a comfortable place with chill roomies!

Roommate Perk

I am a good listener, easy to get along with and very respectful of people’s feelings. I am very chill and I think I bring a lot of life to a house.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be respectful as I am, also easy going and chill. Open to any personality type but it would be best to have a good friendships in the house and be able to have a wine and movie night every so often! Cleanliness is important. Ability to communicate —no passive aggressiveness!

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