I’m Kamila, I am still fairly new to new york. I’m originally from California grew up in California, Virginia and Washington. I’m a laid back individual and who is very clean. I work in the city as a culinary class assistant. I’m a pretty quiet person kinda keep to myself but still love to have fun outside of the home. I’m clean and mindful of others space. I love going to new restaurants, cooking, and eating food.

Roommate Perk

I have no problem cleaning up after myself i hate to leave a mess for other people to see. Especially when I cook I clean as I go.

I respect other people’s space I know it important to have time to yourself in and outside the apartment.

When i’m not at work i am mostly in my room alone or occasionally out but never too late that it would disturb you when i come home.

Ideal roommate

My idea roommates clean and considerate of each other. People who are communicate and respectful. People who have a easy going way about them and just let the roommates be themselves and just have good energy all around.

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