I’m Kasey! I’m from out west originally, lived in the city only for a year and moved up from Florida after finishing my Master’s in Theatre Studies from FSU. I worked for Disney for a bit and my dream job would be to work for Disney Theatrical. I love theatre, Disney, classic musicals (any and all Barbra Streisand films/records) but consider myself well rounded and conversant on various topics. I am a member of the LGBTQ community but grew up in a very conservative home; this is still something I am actively navigating and am fairly private about this. I try to look for the good in everyone and can get along with just about anyone. In terms of other fun facts, I speak Russian, travel(ed) extensively (pre covid times) and love sushi, freshly washed sheets, candles, cologne, and long walks on the beach. (So I’m a little basic?) I do tend to keep to myself and am more of extroverted introvert. I can be outgoing and the life of the party at times (and maybe in certain situations) but at home really prefer a quiet environment where the introvert in me can recharge. I appreciate those that are taking the ongoing virus seriously–masking up and following CDC directives and remaining vigilant.

Roommate Perk

I LOVE to clean. Well, maybe not LOVE it but it’s how I unwind and nothing makes me happier than having a showroom ready apartment…no dishes in the sink, pristine bathroom, pleasant smells. It just makes coming home so much more relaxing and enjoyable. I appreciate everyone pitching in but I really try to make a nice and pleasant home environment. Tasteful decor, candles….I like having a nice place as much as possible and appreciate those that also want those things.

Ideal roommate

I would love a clean roommate! Males or females are fine. Of course, anyone of any race or sexual orientation is fine. I am a member of the LGTBQ community but it is only one aspect of my identity. My current roommates are all straight males as it worked out. My ideal roommate is someone who is actively cleaning and trying to maintain a clean and nice, comfortable home–makes it such a pleasant environment and a sanctuary from the chaos of the city. Ideally, my roommate is NOT a partier and also looking for a quiet place to recharge. A dinner party or small game night post COVID maybe once a month would be totally fine. I’m maybe not into parties or hookups staying over every Friday night. Someone fairly low key and low maintenance. I definitely prefer someone who is self aware, clean and respectful of others–I want to be friendly and know that you’d happily bring in a package for me but would hope that I wouldn’t your main social life line and that I won’t be yours either. Non smoker. (This is a dealbreaker.) Ideally no 420 but outside of the apartment would be fine if that’s what you’re into. Preferably no pets and good hygiene habits. Showers daily. Keeping quiet hours after 11PM on week nights (and ideally weekends) as I work from early in the morning teaching, it would be nice to not have music or the TV blaring after 11 or 11:30. I keep it as quiet as possible and try to maintain quiet hours from 11PM-6AM. I won’t be bringing strangers home. After Covid if my cousin or friend visited the city, I would hope they could stay in my room and that wouldn’t be a problem.

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