Hi there! I’m Kate, a 28-year-old scenic/experiental designer and self-professed cat lady. I’m originally from Kentucky (a huge UK fan- GO CATS!) and would definitely be your “phone a friend” if you’re on a game show and asked a question about bourbon. I’m a bit of a jill-of-all-trades kind of girl, and design/paint scenery for theatre, brand activations, and festivals, in addition to building scale models. Because my job is typically fast-paced and exciting, I am pretty chill in my free time and would rather spend a day off with a massage and a good cupcake or glass of wine than out and about. I’m typically pretty athletic (at least in the before COVID times!) and like kickboxing, cycling, or group classes. I don’t do a lot of cooking, but from time to time I do make a mean pork roast or other delicious comfort food derived from my midwestern farm/southern roots. I keep things pretty clean (especially kitchen/bathroom, me and mold/bugs don’t get along) but there are times that my room may look like a craft store exploded for a few hours.
I have 2 black and white cats, Momo and Mikka, who also love lounging around, whipped cream, and sport matching half mustaches. They are friendly with people, but are scared of other animals due to a bad experience with a Maine Coon bigger than them. They are well behaved (they even know how to sit) and I keep a running filter next to their litter box (that I clean regularly and would be kept in my room) as I would rather people know I have cats based on their friendly faces rather than smelling cat litter!
I do have a peanut allergy, but am happy to either have my own silverware or buy a dedicated knife for any roommate’s peanut butter jar- I definitely don’t want to deprive anyone of their Reese’s cups (which, I understand, are amazing!) I am fully vaccinated.

Roommate Perk

My #roommateperk is that I’m an excellent DIY-er and can build, paint, or fix pretty much anything around the apartment, and have the tools to prove it!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is someone who is their mid 20s-30s, who loves cats (or at least likes, though mine have turned some hearts before). They value open communication and feel it’s important to have clear expectations and boundaries set from the beginning, so that everyone feels comfortable in communicating needs to each other as we all work together to make the apartment our home! I would love to have some shared interests and be friendly with each other, but also don’t mind some alone time to recharge.
Typically things are pretty clean but I also know that life is really busy, so if you are somewhere along the lines of “I might have a pile of laundry switching spots between my bed and my chair for a week, but I don’t have black mold growing in the bathroom” then we will probably get along!
I do value my privacy and would like someone who is on the same page- fine with a few close friends over but also prefers the party be held elsewhere.

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