I was born and raised in Billings, Montana, where I got my Bachelor’s in Arts with a double major in Music Performance: voice & Communication: theater. I moved on to my Master’s degree, when my voice teacher got hired at UNLV, so I followed her to Vegas to finish my Master’s in Music, where I graduated in 2019. After I graduated, I went back to Montana to figure out my next move and save up money when the world was hit by a pandemic! Coming out of COVID, I decided I got to pursue my career goals big time, hence me moving to NYC! (I’m an opera singer/musical theater actor, BTW! 😉)
Aside from my musical aspirations, I love running and working out (although I got to get back into shape!). I like to read, mostly fiction. I also love love love crafts: sewing, knitting, jewelry-making, painting, drawing, you name it! I love connecting with people, going out/staying in watch movies connecting over good food.

Roommate Perk

#roommateperks! I do work at Jacob’s Pickle so would definitely bring home leftovers! I’m silly, fun and uplifting! Also, I make a great cod chowder or any soup really (fall AKA stew/soup season is on!)

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is kind, respectful, and communicative.
Kindness is hopefully self-explanatory. Respectful of boundaries and by cleaning up after themselves and even pitching in with deep cleaning when needed. Communication I value greatly. If something is bothering my roommate, I hope they can communicate it to me, as well as communicating their boundaries.

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