I’m from the Dominican Republic, moved to the USA in the middle of the pandemic back in May 2020, and to Nyc in October 2020, I’m a Filmmaker and Cultural Entrepreneur, currently working to start my own business in NY while working at a store in Soho and as a freelancer for different film-related projects.

I love reading and going to art-related places(Museums, art exhibitions, film festivals, etc.), I enjoy being outdoors in nature but mostly stay home since I’m new to the city. Currently, I don’t have any pets but would love to adopt a doggie any time soon (hope to).

Roommate Perk

I tend to be a reserved and quiet person, especially when I don’t know people, then I can become very friendly, although I like to be in my own space most of the time. I like to cook (mostly by inspiration), I usually do meal prep for several days, so I won’t be cooking daily. I love to bake and my weakness is desserts and pastries.
I love:
Books (I read almost every day, mostly fiction)
Cats and Dogs
Road Trips
The Beach
The Snow
Doing Crafts

Ideal roommate

I don’t mind about gender. I like people who are clean and organized, I’m used to cleaning every time I use the kitchen and bathroom (common areas) and I expect the roommates to be the same way, I think that respecting other people’s spaces and rights is the key to a peaceful co-existence.

A deal-breaker for me would be when people don’t respect other people’s spaces.

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