I am from Houston, Texas, but just have lived in Austin for the past 5 years. In September, I accepted a job in NY at Betts Recruiting. We recruit for hyper-growth tech start-ups between their A-D series.
On weekdays, you can find me vegging out after work with a glass of wine in hand, and on the weekends, I like exploring the city and hanging out with friends.
I am an avid concert and Boadway goer and love the chance to experience new adventures.

Roommate Perk

My roommate perk? Not 100% sure I have one since I am a terrible cook and have no pets, but I am always down to try new things. New restaurants, a strange show, you name it I’ll join you. I’m also really clean and will pick up after myself almost immediately. I tend to be a workaholic, so you’ll find me getting back pretty late most nights.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is just a normal person.
The person needs to be kind and understanding of the world they live in, that’s all.

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