I’m a Caribbean girl born and raised in South Miami. I love to travel and eat my way through cities. I’m currently working as an ABA instructor at a school. I like to go out dancing with friends and just making the most out of life when I have the energy! And when I don’t, I’ll be holed up with Saki (🐾) in my room catching up with myself or family and friends.

Roommate Perk

My cat is a perk lol. She’s super sweet and sassy. Just a good time!

As for me, I’m pretty chill. You’ll get a little bit of everything. I keep to myself but I can also lend an ear from time to time. Down to do roommate outings every once in a while. I’m tidy/clean. I take a lot of naps and am just relaxing in my room most of the time but sometimes I’m out and about! Especially when summer hits. I’m rather agreeable and open to discussing things so everyone feels comfortable.

Ideal roommate

Gender – female, femmes, LGBT+, NB preferred.
Personality – semi social. Open and respectful communicator. Knows how to give space.
Cleanliness – cleans up after themselves, not a clean freak but clean if that makes sense 😂 I’m open to a cleaning schedule but a flexible/porous one . Definitely want to keep the common areas decent!
Dealbreakers – umm…someone who throws ragers or is frequently inconsiderate and loud .

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