I’m a pretty simple human. I enjoy everything and anything that is art, spirituality and psychology 🙂
I’m looking for chill individual(s) to live with who provide a nice and comfortable space to go home to. I work at Trader Joe’s and I am also a full-time nanny, therefore, I spend most of my day at work.
When it comes to living with me I am very clean (a bit OCD if I’m being honest haha), I am super respectful about space. I do have guinea pig her name is Bella.

Roommate Perk

Since I work at a supermarket, I sometimes come home with treats and new snacks to put all my roommates on. I like having house dinner from time to time, and/or movie nights.

Ideal roommate

I dont mind living with either gender, I guess I do prefer all girls. I do appreciate roommates who help around the house with cleanliness.

Apartment applying for