Hello there,
My name is Kenneth and I’m currently working in Luxury Retail for AHLEM eyewear.
I grew up in the UK and Africa and have been living in the States since 2008.
I am a creative person and like to keep busy. I am obsessed with interior decorating and striking a balance between form and function. Work takes up a lot of my time but when I can, I like to paint and sew.
I really like plants and love any chance I get to exercise my green thumb.
I don’t have any pets, but I love dogs, cats are ok too, but I’m mildly allergic.

Roommate Perk

I find cleaning therapeutic and I love creating “scentscapes” for the home. We will always have candles and floral arrangements of some sort.

Ideal roommate

I would love to live with people who appreciate the arts and are a little bit more outgoing than I am. I have mild asthma so I would prefer to live with non-smokers if possible.

Apartment applying for