My favorite thing to do on a day off would definitely be to go out for biking in the morning and come back and make a comforting lunch while enjoying my favorite episode of whatever show I’m watching at the moment. If I have two days off in a row then I’ll probably make cocktails as well (I absolutely loveee cooking and making artisanal cocktails). I’m from Astoria but I work in Long Island City (pre-pandemic) as an office manager at an auto shop. I also attend school as a Biochem major at Hunter College and I’ll be soon starting prep for the MCATs. A pre-pandemic day off would consist of me doing my hair and makeup to go out to a few bars with friends butttt I’ve definitely been less inclined for outings these days 😅. I’m pretty laid back and clean, I like to clean up after myself immediately to avoid leaving a mess for anyone to be in discomfort. I’m very open to sharing anything of mine as long as it’s asked beforehand if it’s being taken from my room. I’m a great listener so I enjoy being able to help with any problems that emerge. I also come with a juicer, blender, & espresso machine 😁.

Roommate Perk

Roommate perk is definitely free perks from work! I had a roommate that would get free hair products so my hair looked great that year! 😂. I’m an ambivert so I definitely enjoy socializing but also keeping to myself so a roommate perk would definitely be someone I can have a few cocktails with and have a great time but also know when to give each other our space. I also love cooking so id definitely enjoy cooking together.

Ideal roommate

Ideal roommate would be someone who’s genuinely kind and wouldn’t mind being workout buddies! Pet peeves would definitely be seeing the living room, kitchen, and bathroom a mess often. We have busy lives, it’ll get messy sometimes but I definitely don’t feel comfortable if that’s our lifestyle [messy] altogether. Another pet peeve of mine would be borrowing something from my room without asking. Other than that, I’m pretty chill and open minded about everything.

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