I’m a 23 year old who just graduated college. I’ve lived in the Caribbean my whole life until 2022 when I moved here. I’m starting a new job in mental health soon! I’m a mostly quiet person but if we vibe, the shenanigans never end. I’m a true crime junky, and love to have deep conversations or conversations about nothing. I’m still discovering the city but I’m always down to eat sushi or literally just go see something, cause there’s always something happening in NYC. I don’t have pets, but I love animals and would be open to living with them or even adopting a cat soon. I’m pretty chill, I mind my business but I’m down to be friends with my roomies or be private. Literally whatever works

Roommate Perk

My roomate perk is that I’m clean and respectful of you and your space! Im also really good at minding my business.

Ideal roommate

I would ideally like to live with women (especially women of color), because I find it easier to relate to someone with a shared identity, but I am open and respectful to everyone and expect the same in return. I prefer a quiet home and don’t have issues with friends over whenever, and I’d like to do the same sometimes. However, I’m not open to living in a party household. My dealbreaker would be cigarette smoke in the common areas and a roomate who isn’t intentional about keeping the common spaces clean and tidy.

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