You can call me Nhi. I am French and was in France my whole life, studying Data Science and Engineering in Paris, until August 2018, when I moved to Boston to study for a one-year master at MIT. I’m moving to NYC as my new job will be at Mount Sinai Health System, in a Data Scientist role.
I love music (I play the violin in my free time, and practice only if I don’t disturb), good food, playing with cats and dogs, and swimming. I like hanging out with friends, going to concerts and exhibitions, and traveling.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommate perk is that I am respectful of others and understand notions of sharing. I’m also very clean, communicative (notifies ahead of time, asks for agreement on shared things, gives feedback, etc)

Ideal roommate

I would like roommates who are:
– female
– have a full-time job
– have a stable financial situation (I want to make sure they pay rent every single month)
– between 20’s and 30’s
– clean (cleans after eating, cooking, taking a shower, vacuums their room regularly)

Apartment applying for