I am half Dominican and currently attend college, Manhattan College, studying computer engineering. I also work full-time at whole foods grocery store on the side so I am busy and outside often but on my time off I enjoy studying, working out and sleeping. Favorite foods are fruits, veggies, and mexican food, i am not picky at all. I have grown up around pets and also love plants. I love to clean and organize and dont plan on decorating with too much clutter at all.

Roommate Perk

My #roomateperk is that I love to clean, you will never find a mess on the floor, i also love to communicate and even just say hi and goodbye when you pass by. And I like to keep important nessary household items stocked such as toilet paper.

Ideal roommate

My preferred gender of roomate is female, I would love communication such as hellos and goodbyes or even “how are you?” Once in a while to lessen awkwardness or unnecessary tension. Cleanness with dishes is important to me because of how fast pests can be in nyc. I am totally fine with music and such.

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