I am originally from Ghana but grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. Currently, I work with Applied Materials in the semiconductor industry. I will be attending NYU to pursue my master’s in engineering. In my free time, I enjoy going out to play a game of soccer, indulging in video games, exploring new food spots, as well as grabbing a drink or two. While I don’t currently have any pets, I’m open to living with them as long as they don’t cause disturbances and their owners clean up after them

Roommate Perk

I’m up for anything when I’m free. I can also cook some delicious Ghanaian dishes. Since I work and study from home, I’ll likely be home most of the time, but I’m always available for a coffee or tea walk.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be someone of any gender who is friendly, considerate, and sociable. Cleanliness is important to me, so I would prefer someone who maintains a tidy living space. It’s essential that they don’t smoke inside the apartment, as I like a smoke-free environment. Overall, I’m open-minded and flexible, so as long as we can respect each other’s space and preferences, we’ll get along well.

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