Hi my name is Kira, a 23 year old female that works as a security officer. I love doing my job helping people and protecting valued buildings/places which makes me feel like i made a difference for the day. I currently do not kids/babies, i am literally by myself just work, home and sleep on a daily. I was born Black-American and my background is Caribbean. I am usually quite; yet, people friendly and love to explore different personalities that i can learn from. I love to paint/draw. I love edit music and videos. I love pets. I skateboard. I love adventures. I love cooking. I do smoke. I do not smoke cigarettes. I rarely drink (not really a fan drinking). I love learning new positive things like culture and finding ways to help our communities. And once again i love my job as a security officer.

Roommate Perk

I love people who be themselves regardless of what people think. I love when principles are respected naturally and logically. I love innovation to help the house/roommates.

Ideal roommate

I 101% respect LGBTQ community; so your preference in gender is not my business. I’m not a judgmental individual when it comes to age, gender, or appeal. However, my personal deal breakers are Loud night owls. Loud night owls meaning people who are up all night every night and being inconsiderate of the noise levels. Cigarette smoke in the house. Noisy uncontrollable pets. People who does not take responsibility of cleaning after their selfs. Being inconsiderate towards other roommates when needing to use the bathroom.

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