I am from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and just graduated from college in Boston in May! I will be working as a teacher in the city and will have early mornings. I anticipate my hours to be 7-5. Because of this, I would love for my apartment to be somewhere I can go to relax and unwind on weekdays – ideally with wine and a reality show. On the weekends, however, I want to go out, meet new people, and explore the city! I would love to be friends with my roommate but am also independent. I like to find new restaurants (especially dessert places), binge Netflix on lazy days, and shop. Overall I am very organized, friendly, and reliable. Moving to NYC has been my dream for years and I can’t wait to find someone to have a cute apartment with and enjoy all the city has to offer!

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I have hundreds (yes, literally) of nail polishes that are yours to borrow! I will also buy millions of things from Target to make our apartment cute.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is a female young professional in her early to mid-twenties who is friendly, considerate, and down to relax on weeknights and have fun on weekends. I value cleanliness, especially in the common areas of the apartment, and want someone who is respectful of those spaces. I want a roommate who wants to become friends as opposed to living like strangers, but can also have their own thing going on. Dealbreakers include anyone who is messy or passive aggressive – I like to be open and communicate!

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