I hail from India, I came to the U.S for my masters, and I got my first job and brought me to Harlem. I am a coordinating Manager in the budget department at the Harlem Hospital. My interests include cooking, hitting the gym, and dancing (for fun). I never had any pets, I do not have any preferences for having or not having pets as long as they are clean, which brings me to say that I like the place I live in very organized and neat. I also like to be social and creating a good friendly vibes in the house.

Roommate Perk

I like cooking and sharing what I cook. I tend to keep myself very busy so might not usually find me around the house often, especially on the weekends.

Ideal roommate

Cleanliness is the only thing which is a deal breaker and also that I cant tolerate the smell of weed too much, if someone is into smoking which I have no problem, that they do it outside the house.

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