As I mentioned I am originally from NJ, and I lost my dog right at the start of the pandemic. It was tragic and left me needing a break from having a pet for some time, although I don’t mind any and have no allergies. I love to travel and lived in South America since 2018 and was starting my own tour company ( until circumstances drastically changed. At a time when I was visiting my parents in Georgia in early 2020 the boarders shut down and I found myself stuck stateside and finding my entire world had turned upside down. I love to write, give tours, and feel I am an artist at heart, who happens to be good at numbers. Since my return I find myself going back to my previous career of accounting and collections and hence I find myself with a new job in NYC.

Roommate Perk

I am extremely clean but not to the point of being anal about it. I love coming to a home that is picked up and that I am not embarrassed to show to a surprise guest and feels a little like a hotel stay, except it’s my home. I already come with living room furniture and decorations I don’t mind sharing. And I love to cook not just for myself but also for others and as a tour guide, I love talking to people and figure out their passions. I can pretty much get along with anyone and as long as I have my private space when needed (i.e. bedroom) than I can be pretty friendly otherwise.

Ideal roommate

Living in a city and a building means that cleanliness is a necessity more than an optional pastime. Dirty dishes left overnight is not a pet peeve per say but attracts roaches and mice and that’s the main thing I feel should always be avoided. A chore list and good communication can solve pretty much any other issues that may come up. I like music, people that are social, smart, and different than me. I prefer a laid-back space and I don’t like watching movies alone so anyone up for a movie night would be awesome. I can’t think of any deal breakers other than pay your bills, be open to talking, instead of being passive aggressive, and clean common spaces for yourself and for others. I am not a light sleeper so noise doesn’t bother me and the thought of coming home and knowing someone might be around sounds oddly attractive post Covid life. I am ok living in a mixed apartment or not.

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