I’m from Maryland, and I am attempting to work in theater/get into grad school. I do have many pictures of my family’s dog, but unfortunately he will not be coming with me as he would become even more insane in a city. Besides messing with my dog, I do a lot of random things for fun. I like drawing, sewing, video games, chopping wood, skiing, wakeboarding, and pretty much anything that seems like a good time. I like to think I’m friendly and easy to get along with and I enjoy trying new things and meeting new people.

Roommate Perk

I am a good listener, but I think a more specific perk would be event planning. If you want to make something stupid and fun happen I’m your guy. I have assisted organizing and organized many a theme party and power point night and am always down to do another or help with other projects and schemes. (I also cut hair for free [middling quality])

Ideal roommate

I don’t really have a specific ideal, I find that pretty much everyone is very interesting in their own ways and areas. My only deal breakers are incredibly poor communication skills that they aren’t willing to work on, and a bad attitude about everything.

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