I’m Brazilian based in NYC since 2015. I’m a visual artist and a sports coach. In my spare time, I like to read, swim, practice sports and meditate. I’m a morning person and always wake up in a good mood. I like plants and animals, although I don’t have any pets, I would be fine if my roommates have, as long as they don’t shed in the living room couch! 😀

Roommate Perk

I would make a herbs garden in our kitchen and can eventually make very nice portraits of my roommates. I’ll be open to team up for work out sessions and would volunteer to watch your pet if you are away and I’m around. I’m sociable and would love to have collective meals every now and then but also keep to myself a lot. As I’m pretty active, I need to save some time to rest or recharge.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is clean, respectful, and silent in common areas unless there’s a specific gathering or event planned for themselves or the whole apt. I would like to know they are mature and can communicate any needs or wishes they have for the apt in a calm and nice manner, and I will commit to do the same. I’m easygoing and adapt to changes may be needed for a great environment.

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