I graduated Bachelor’s, Masters’s, and Ph.D. from Babes-Bolyai University in Romania. I work in cancer research and due to this field, I had the occasion to work for 6 months in the Netherlands and another 6 months in NYC. It is the type of work where you always have to improve and learn, as well as move around for gaining more experience. I am investing more in my career currently, rather than leisure and hobby, but I can be a fun person to be around, open-minded and friendly.
I like hiking, going to the mountains, caving and sometimes making art. Going for walks and visiting museums. I am pretty good with foreign languages and I make friends easily, but I have not been very social lately due to the pandemic. However, I like a good beer and a nice conversation/movie/boardgame once in a while.

Roommate Perk

It would be interesting if they were in the same field or something similar. I could learn new things.
I am ok both with doing things together (go for a walk, become friends, watch movies) but I am also fine if they are quieter and need more of their personal space.

Ideal roommate

I prefer females, but it is not a mandatory thing.
I would want them to clean after themselves and that there is common sense and mutual respect.
I would like them to be aware of the pandemic and try to keep themselves and the ones around healthy, to wear a mask when needed.
Respect for personal space/privacy.

Apartment applying for