Hi everybody! My name is Lauryn, I’m originally from Philly and moved to NYC in September 2021. I’m a part-time Narrative Medicine graduate student at Columbia University, part-time content creator (check out Books, Booze, and Bops on Youtube and IG), and a full-time theatre agent assistant at WME. I love to stay busy so I’m not in the house often but when I am I tend to keep to myself (or sleep). I’m a little shy upon first meeting but once you get to know me, I’m definitely more of a social butterfly.

Roommate Perk

Cooking! I’m a foodie and love to cook for myself and others (I’m really good at it I promise).

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be a woman who is kind, considerate, and respectful of common spaces. That’s pretty much it. As long as we can respect each other and communicate boundaries, everything is good.

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