Freshmen At City College Of New York as a science major. I like basketball, football, and working out. I like a structured routine. I like to go to bed by 10 P.M and get up 5:30 A.M. I bring a unique blend of cleanliness, structure, sports enthusiasm, and fitness dedication to our potential shared space. A clutter-free area is essential for me to stay focused and relaxed, so you can expect a neat and organized room throughout the year.

Roommate Perk

Structure is key to a successful college experience, and I thrive on having a well-organized routine. From keeping track of assignments to maintaining a balanced schedule, I’m all about planning ahead to make the most of my time. If you’re someone who values punctuality and accountability, we’ll make a fantastic team in keeping our responsibilities in check.

Ideal roommate

Preferably, I’m looking for roommates who identify as straight. An ideal roommate for me is someone who’s approachable, respectful, kind, takes cleanliness seriously. They believe in maintaining a neat and organized living environment. My deal breakers are these smoking, drugs, pets and not cleaning up after yourself.

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