My name is Lexi, but a lot of my friends know me as Blue. I’m an artist, and a student at SVA! I love painting, street art, watching movies and listening to music. I also really love animals.

Roommate Perk

I’m really kind, and love making friends, but can also give people their space. I also don’t mind noise/guests/pets. I’d say i’m pretty good at giving advice too, if anyone ever needs it haha and I’m very understanding and open to communication. I don’t smoke, but i don’t mind if others do.

Ideal roommate

my ideal roommates would also be artists or just people who like creative things in general! People who are kind and reasonably chill, and aren’t afraid to express when they like or don’t like something. Also, people that like to socialize (but it’s not a deal breaker if you’re introverted!)
The only thing i can think of that I wouldn’t like, would be if there’s a lot of arguing (btwn guests, roommates etc), because i’d like a relatively peaceful, and openly communicative home 🙂

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