I’m from a small island of the French West Indies called Martinique. I grew up there and moved to Paris at 18yo to study communications and marketing. Once graduated, I’ve been offered by the company I was interning with to move to NYC to work for them! It’s a Caribbean cosmetics company with great values, it’s an eco-conscious brand, organic and vegan so I’m really happy to help them launch in the US.
My main interests are: modern-jazz dance, samba, shopping, beauty, wellness and nutrition.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I’m always down for a an evening out as I’m looking to discover the city but I also enjoy watching a great movie at home sometimes. I’m not obsessed with cleaning but I love keeping my space organized and clean, especially in common areas. I could also get you free cosmetics products and give you tips to get a glowy healthy skin 🙂

Ideal roommate

I’m looking to move with females preferably, who are clean, kind and curious about other cultures! I would be happy to share a place with girls who come from all around the world and from the U.S as well so we could learn from our differences.

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