Hi, i’m Lina! I’m from upstate New York (Dutchess County). I just graduated from Fordham University!! I currently work at Starbucks. For fun, I enjoy going on long walks, exploring the city, playing video games with friends, watching The Amazing Race, and finding cool pop ups to attend!!

Roommate Perk

My #roommateperk is that I work at Starbucks and will always bring you back a drink!! If you’ve ever wanted to try something crazy but couldn’t justify the price let me know because I can do it for you at 0 cost 🙂 Oh and you’ll never have to buy coffee beans again

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is clean, kind, and communicative! Being a great roommate means always respecting shared spaces, whether that means keeping things clean, sharing housekeeping responsibilities equally, or keeping the noise levels down when people are trying to sleep. My ideal roommate would also be able to communicate about any issues they find kindly, respectfully, and quickly, so we can both quickly find a solution without letting things build up!! Lastly, it would always be cool to have people who are down to have a friendly conversation, but also respect each other’s alone time when needed!!

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