Hi! My name is Lio. I just recently moved to from LA to NYC to pursue music! When I was in LA I was throwing concerts and helping produce for artists but just felt too comfortable in my routine. I felt that I would end up trapped there, so I decided I should see what NYC has to offer. I’m hoping to continue doing what I was doing + more here! I’ve already met so many incredible people and finally got to connect in person with people I’ve only worked with online. This city is truly wonderful.

As for my day job, I’m a teacher assistant at a elementary school in Astoria, Queens. Working with kids has always come naturally to me (my mom has been a kindergarten teacher her entire life) and it’s incredibly rewarding being able to educate the next generation. I occasionally do video work such as editing and animation, mainly for artist promo/music videos. I also hope to begin throwing concerts/parties in NYC soon, but that’s for future me to deal with.

In terms of hobbies, mostly all of them center around music. I’m always out at an event or a show, hanging with friends working on a song, or at a park listening to it. I recently picked up painting as a method of relaxation. I rarely get to work with physical mediums so it’s a nice change of pace! I also love hiking and generally being outdoors. It’s easy to get cooped up in a room for hours working on a big project, so hiking was always what kept me grounded. It’s something I miss dearly from LA, but the lack of driving everywhere in NYC has made up for my lost steps. And, if I have the time for it, I love to read. I’ve been on a psychoanalysis kick for the past few months. Powers of Horror by Julia Kristeva is basically my bible, despite the fact a paragraph or sentence in it often takes 3 rereads to understand.

I’m excited to meet you, whoever you are! I’m here for new experiences and new friends. I’d love to share my interests with you, and for you to share yours with me. Hopefully this is the start of something great!!!

Roommate Perk

My roommate perk is that I have learned to treat my residence like a temple. I’m a firm believer in the environment being the most important factor in one’s mood, so everywhere I’ve gone I always try to curate a place of peace and relaxation. In practice this means keeping things clean, burning candles, keeping rooms well lit, and just maintaining a good vibe.

Ideal roommate

I would love to live with another artist or creative person. Other than that I don’t have any preferences. I just don’t want to live with a high strung person.

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