I am originally from Westchester, NY. Although it is pretty close to the city, it is still a relatively long commute to work everyday. I work in the publishing industry as an assistant production editor. In my free time I love to read and watch TV, and I occasionally like to go out and explore new areas, take an interesting class, or try a new restaurant/bar. I do like to keep to myself often, and I tend to be somewhat of a homebody, but I’d love to have a roommate I can relax on the couch with, have a glass of wine, and watch TV or just catch up.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I get free books at work, so that’s a total bonus if you’re a bookworm like me! Also, I think the biggest perk about living with me is that I totally respect privacy, and completely understand what it means to need time alone. With that being said, a kind and friendly roommate is always welcome to knock on my door if they want company running an errand, or join me in a common area to talk or casually hang out!

Ideal roommate

I’m open to any gender, but I’m definitely looking for someone chill and laid back, who has passed their “party years.” I would like home to be a calm and relaxing environment, and I want everyone in the home to be comfortable and happy, so my ideal roommate would share my same sensibilities in terms of having a quiet, peaceful home. I would also love to have a roommate with a good sense of humor! I need to be able to laugh in my own home, without a doubt. Someone who couldn’t laugh at a corny joke would definitely be a deal-breaker. In terms of cleanliness, I like to clean as I go, and I’d like someone who did the same. I prefer not to have dirty dishes in the sink or on the table, and I’d like the bathroom and other shared areas to be cleaned regularly. I don’t mind clutter, and I don’t mind someone who is a little messy in their private room. I don’t have any pets right now, but I wouldn’t mind living with them (in fact, I’d love it).

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