Hi! I’m Louis, I’m 21 years old from LA moving to NYC for work, currently working in Fintech. I’m new to the city so I’m looking for a more experimental, social lifestyle but I also enjoy time to myself at home! I like to go out, try new things, and meet new people! I enjoy cooking at home whenever I can, but also enjoy going out to eat and trying new foods. I don’t have pets, and would prefer not to live with pets at home!

Roommate Perk

I make sure to keep the shared spaces clean and organized, and I like to maintain an open-communication style as roommates in case any conflicts or concerns arise! I usually clean after myself right away. I work in-office 4 days a week and work 1 day remotely so I’ll mostly be never home during the day on weekdays. I like to socialize but also like to just chill and listen without speaking a word for days.

Ideal roommate

Will be okay with anyone as long as they’re LGBT friendly! I’d like to be with easy-going individuals who know what they like/dislike in order to maintain a healthy environment as roommates. But also down to live with potential friends that are down to do things or be a part of things together! Preferably keeps whatever space they occupy clean, especially the kitchen after cooking, eating, etc. No pets due to allergies.

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