My dad is from France and my mom is from Sacramento, so as I kid we’d spend our summers in Dordogne, France in our house. Both my parents are teachers, my mom works as a public lower school teacher while my dad works as a private schools computer teacher, so I attended that private school French American International School from pre-k – 12th grade. Im fortunate to have gone to that school while because if my dad hadn’t been working there I couldn’t have afforded it. I got to learn Italian and study French and English throughout my entire life. Last year I attended SBCC, in Santa Barbara but hated SB because of the slow pace environment, where aspirations aren’t really the focus but parties are. So being from a big city, New York is the obvious path. Currently im working on a startup where im Co founder & CEO, and have worked in Online media marketing, for brands. However, first and foremost im a student. I like to laugh and watch good movies ( favorite movie interstellar, arrival, a lot more), Jack of all trades, Im a positive thinker and make long lasting friendships.

Roommate Perk

I keep a clean space, love to cook and im pretty damn funny, not to say it but its said.

Ideal roommate

ideal roommate is a clean, driven person who’s chill while being focused on their road ahead. I suppose

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