Hey guys! I’m Lucy, a Taiwanese international graduate student who is going to study in the New York School of Interior Design.
I would describe myself as a girl who is super easy-going, friendly, responsible, and a little bit quirky.
My hobbies are doing artsy stuff, watching Netflix, swimming, and working out occasionally.
Since I am studying/working in the design industry, it will be wonderful to have people who love art as well around.
I am not a party animal, but I do enjoy drinking a little for special nights.
No worries, I love to talk a lot, but not in an annoying way. I could also be a total nerd and stay quiet in my bedroom watching Netflix and Youtube all day.
I am thrilled about trying new stuff in the U.S. since I have never left my country for such a long time!

Roommate Perk

My #roommateperk would be that I love sharing goodies with my friends and roommates!

Ideal roommate

Gender of all kinds is acceptable as long as everyone is respectful to each other.
Young professionals and students are preferred but not limited to!

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