I am from Colorado but it never truly matched my vibe. I want to be around more moving art and culture. I am 25 – cisgender female who is a book enthusiast, indoor plant mother, and cat lover. I have a black Bombay cat – her name is Nadia (her breath stinks but damn she loves to snuggle). I am covered in tattoos, I also draw and give tattoos (wink). I am super tidy but I get that sometimes mental health doesn’t care about cleanliness – I’m understanding. I love traveling, I fucking love laughing, and I enjoy holding space for new people I meet. I’d like to think I’m pretty chilled, very solo, but trust me I can be the life of the party if the party needs one lmao. I love music and movies and I love when people want to love it with me!!!

Roommate Perk

What I bring to the home: I literally bake constantly (to keep from breaking down). I clean a lot and I don’t even care if sometimes I pick up a lot of the slack – I just tend to do it. I tattoo and draw tattoos, so let me know if you want one! I have a whole library of books, so if you ever want to borrow some literature – ask and I got you. I am in my masters for clinical mental health counseling – and its only because I fucking love holding safe space for people…if you come home and just need to cry, laugh, scream, word vomit, actually vomit, talk about love, or just sit in silence – its y gift to just be there for you. I am a human for other humans!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommates are female or non binary, I would be okay with a guy as long as they gave super safe energy. I need someone who is respectful of other’s spaces. Someone who cleans after themselves, I don’t want a grimy apartment. I want someone who if funny, but isn’t in your face with extraversion. I don’t want someone who doesn’t know how to read a room/social cues….like we’re all adults lets just live and let live – meld when it’s time. I want someone who understands hygiene and cute decorating ideas – I want the apartment to feel communal, cute, aesthetic, and inviting.

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