Hi ! My name is Madina , I am a 20 year old who graduated FIT with an associates in Fashion Business Management. I work in the West Village in an Italian restaurant as a server. I love to cook, and I will always clean up after myself. I also have a nine month old kitty who I would love to take with me I would love to become friends with my roommate eventually if it’s possible, but I understand if they don’t want to. Recently I’ve been practicing to do Gel X nails and I sew from time to time ! I don’t smoke much, but I am 420 friendly, and an ally of the LGBTQ community!

Roommate Perk

I love to cook, so I will usually make leftovers for everyone as well as baking. I look good night and watch a movie. I will always be there to listen!

Ideal roommate

my preferred roommates would be all female, girls who set boundaries and are respectful of chores in the house that we share, as well as shared spaces!

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