I was born and raised in Minnesota. I was accepted into the University of Utah’s musical theatre program where I went to school and received my BFA. My dream has always been to make it on Broadway so I packed up and moved to NYC in 2019 after I graduated school. I am constantly auditioning and doing gigs in the city. I am currently a part of a drag show on Tuesday nights in the West village where I dance and sing live with the Queens. I also have a full time job as a supervisor at Swingers Crazy Gold club in Nomad to support myself while I chase my true dream. I absolutely love animals (especially dogs) though I don’t have any in the city with me. I would say I can be a very social roommate but contrary to my outgoing personality, I really do enjoy my own space and alone time.

Roommate Perk

I would say my roommate perk is being a very considerate roommate when it comes to noise, cleaning, having people over etc. I think I am a great communicator and will always keep my roomies in the loop when it comes to our space and what goes on. I am also a “relaxed” clean roomie. I am by no means messy but I am also super understanding of things not being immediately clean. I’m super cool with the 24 hour rule of messes that are made. 🙂

Ideal roommate

I would love a roomie who is similar to me in being a good combination of social and needing/respecting alone time. My days can be very demanding as a performer and sometimes I just want to chill and be left alone. But I would also like people that would like to hangout once in a while and maybe go get a drink.

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