I grew up in the Bronx and currently live here with my family. I went to Le Moyne College for undergrad and now go to Columbia for grad school. I’m finishing up my coursework at Columbia and will begin teaching in the Bronx at the start of September. I try to work out three to four days a week. My workouts are mostly forms of cardio because gyms are closed. BTW, I’m no muscle head lol. When I am not working, I like to watch Netflix and listen to music.
I do not have any pets but am open to almost anything that isn’t a dog.

Roommate Perk

I like to think that I know the ins and outs of living in this city. If I don’t have an answer to something, I am most definitely in contact with people who do have answers. I am very respectful of space, so I clean after my usage of an area.

Ideal roommate

I’d like to live with other males. I don’t expect to be best friends with my roommates but would like to have friendly relationships as opposed to one where our only interactions are in the passing of one another.
A comfortable living space for me is one that is clean. I think bathrooms and kitchens should be cleaned at a minimum of once a week. We’re obviously entitled to keep our individual living spaces however we respectively seem fit.
I could live with smokers. I only ask that you smoke outside.
Overnight guests are cool with me, just as long as they aren’t annoying.

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