I am a late 20’s creative working in retail. I consider myself to be easygoing and a peacemaker, I get along pretty much with everybody as long as there’s open communication. I consider myself to be a grown adult and am looking to room with others at the same stage in life who also wants to build a home. I am a singer and yoga teacher and practice regularly at home, as well as do self tape auditions, so I am looking for other creative folks who support that kind of environment. I’m pretty clean and tidy, but won’t get on your case for a few dishes or a cozy lived in apartment. I’m kind of a homebody and introvert, but I do enjoy social gatherings and having friends over, would prefer a healthy balance rather than all the time.

Roommate Perk

I’m super good at organizing and enjoy doing it. Especially since spaces are so small in NYC, I’m excited to strategize about how to get the most out of the space! I also take baths regularly, so I keep a clean bathtub. Also since I teach yoga remotely I’m happy to do it in the shared space so you get a free yoga class!

Ideal roommate

Ideal roommate is female, late 20’s, in 30’s, or just at the same stage of life and maturity. Someone tidy and laid back, enjoyable to interact with but respectful of privacy and work time. Needs to be okay with my singing at any time (obviously not in the middle of the night), but I’m not looking for someone who is going to enforce quiet hours. Once things open up again I might need to warm up as early as 9:00, and I need to feel comfortable doing that. Am open to living with a gay male as long as there is not a shared bathroom. Most of all just looking for respectful, mature people.

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