Hi everyone 🙂 I am Maniza and I am a senior studying political science at NYU. I grew up in Germany (Bonn, where Beethoven was born) and moved here for college. Besides college, I like to watch Tv shows and movies (huge horror movie fan but I like any good movie regardless of the genre). I also like exploring the city or going out with friends on weekends. I am very laid back, fun to be around ( at least i hope so), but I also respect other people’s privacy and I am not too loud of a person.
Fun fact about me: In my home in Germany we used to own chicken and cows and provided fresh milk and eggs for the neighborhood lol

Roommate Perk

I think my best roommate perk is that I prioritize good communication, honesty and respect. If there is something that genuinely bothers you, I’d love to talk about it and make sure we make our space a comfortable and nice environment dor everyone. Other than that while I wouldn’t say that I am shy (at least not after getting to know you) I am relatively quiet in the apartment ( no worries about noise complaints from my side) and I am a very deep sleeper so I wouldn’t even mind if you are louder🤷🏽‍♀️
I think another very important trait is that i am open to anything: if you want to be friends we can be friends and hang out or if you would rather keep it on a surface- roommie level i am completely fine with that as well 🥰

Ideal roommate

As long as we are respectful to one abother we will get along well 🙂

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