I am from California!, Grew up in Hawaii, Lived in San Francisco for a few years, I like cities. I am an actor and musician and plan on pursuing that. My job is as a server currently at California Pizza Kitchen. I don’t have any pets! or I do but I’m not bringing any. My family has a dog and a rabbit and a bird. Things I like to do: I like going to parks, playing sports, going to music shows! and going to improv classes. Also skateboarding.

Roommate Perk

I like to share my food when I cook! I like having dinner with people, and I bring donuts for everyone sometimes, and wont mind sharing my overnight oats. I am gone most of the day with work n school. I like to go out at night and do fun adventuring stuff.

Ideal roommate

male or female. Clean but I’m not a clean freak but im clean. I like roommates who have good taste in music. Sociable but not like bringing a whole party every night. People to have dinner with, or go do stuff with.

Apartment applying for