I like to cook, I go to the gym (so if you go as well I can meal prep for both of us so it’s a win win) I am a very organized and tidy person so that means that you’ll always be able to find stuff, I am a gamer and love anime stuff, I work in the daytime for Amazon delivering packages in the lower Harlem area, and I am a very chill guy overall. 420 friendly too!

Roommate Perk

My #roommate perk is gym dude, decent cook, anime enjoyer, gamer, and a neat organized person!

Ideal roommate

Dont care about gender or anything like that would prefer someone who’s able to keep the general living area clean, personality isn’t important but I myself am more quiet and chill but can be outgoing as well. Only deal breaker for me really is if you do drugs in the house (weed isn’t a drug so idc if you smoke in the house just crack a window or something)

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